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About Me

As a Physician Assistant, Functional Medicine practitioner and a Food and Spirit™ practitioner I am passionate about whole person health.  After over 20 years working in conventional medicine primary care settings, I knew there was more I could do for people living with chronic illness.  Through my own personal health crisis and healing I not only “knew” there was more but am living proof that integrative approaches to chronic illnesses work.  My passion for improved care and outcomes motivated me to seek further study in integrative and functional medicine.  I am a lifelong learner, and continue to seek truth in healing and ways to live a more joyful life.  My path has taught me many lessons along the way.  I am at a new juncture in life, a time to share my gifts with others and offer a space for healing and a path to a joyful, vibrant and connected life; a birthright for all.  I am passionate about the healing power of community and offer creative space for group connection.  Integrated Spectrum of Health is the blossoming seed planted many years ago.  I welcome you to grow with me, choose into your life and create the full spectrum health that is your birthright.

Lynn Joselyn  PA-C, IFMCP, CFSP™ (she, her, hers)

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Physician Assistant Studies

I received my Master of Science in Physician Assistant studies from The University of Iowa. Through my training and experience in conventional medicine I have a foundational knowledge in human pathophysiology, treatment, pharmaceuticals, diagnostic evaluation and navigation of our current medical system.  My experiences with thousands of patients over the years have taught me many lessons and have become the backbone to the practitioner I am today.  It is in my reflection of past patient relationships, that I find gratitude and hope for a medical system that will incorporate a spectrum of integrated modalities, offering a path to optimal health.

Functional Medicine

I received my functional medicine training from The Institute for Functional Medicine.  Functional Medicine provides an individualized, patient-centered, science-based approach to address the root cause of disease in order to promote healing and optimal wellness. Addressing the root cause, rather than only symptoms, eliminates unnecessary prescription medications, surgeries or medical treatments.  I offer a comprehensive approach to evaluation, treatment and prevention of disease. I partner with people to empower them to take an active role in healing, by optimizing foundational lifestyle practices including nutrition, sleep, movement, relationships, community and mindfulness practices.  I use the power of community through group and community visits.  This is not a quick fix approach, the human being is complex, made up of multiple systems working together to find homeostasis and alignment. By addressing and healing from the root cause of disease the opportunity for long term and sustainable health is available.

What is Food and Spirit™?

As a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner™ I will integrate the Seven Systems of Health, an integrated science-based approach to healing created by Dr. Deanna Minich™.  This is a full spectrum approach to health that meets people where they are along their personal healing journey.  Looking at health and wellness through the lens of the Seven Systems brings a depth to healing that conventional methods alone are able to obtain.  Since learning this method and integrating it into my life, I now see the world through color and the seven systems, elevating the vibrancy of life and health.  This brings beauty, depth and joy to healing.

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