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Wellness Membership Plans

Interested in becoming a patient? Learn more about Integrated Spectrum of Health Wellness Membership Plans.  To be eligible for Premier or Foundation Membership you must be a Colorado resident.  Community Membership is available to residents of any state.   

On-Demand Education

Check out Integrated Spectrum of Health’s on demand-courses.  Learn how to create sustainable health habits.  This library is alive and will continue to grow.

At Integrated Spectrum of Health,

I am committed to inclusivity; providing integrative health care to all races, black, indigenous people of color, genders, social, economic and ability status. Health disparities among marginalized groups are grave examples of health inequity leading to unthinkable suffering and health outcomes. Affordable and accessible healthcare is a human right.

Take a Tour of ISH Membership Practice

Is working with a Functional Medicine practitioner right for you?

Create Your Spectrum of Health Vision Statement

The most important vision statement you will create is the one with YOU at the center.

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

Assessment of your current health status and my Top Health Tips to elevate your life.

An immersive dive into color, abundance, empowerment and choosing to LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE AND IN COLOR!  Elevating health through the lens of the 7 Systems of Health™ created by Dr Deanna Minich is a transformative process with multiple entry points into your personal health.  This program  meets you right where you are in your health and life journey.  Expect to be inspired, moved and empowered to LIVE YOUR LIFE ON PURPOSE!


Click to access to my online e-dispensary for medical grade nutraceuticals



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