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Phlebotomy Test Kits

Durango, Colorado

A new way to get labs done, without having to travel!

Integrated Spectrum of Health has teamed up with Ali Craig, an awesome and experienced phlebotomist, to create an easeful, convenient and personalized experience for you to get the labs, you need, done -without having to travel to Farmington or Cortez (currently the closest labs that will do kits).


Due to the lack of resources in Durango and surrounding areas to get phlebotomy lab kits drawn, ISH is now offering this service.

Non-ISH members cost is $80.00 (cash only)

We are unable to process HSA accounts at this time.

This service is only for TEST KIT blood draw and processing ONLY.


You are responsible for mailing back to the lab and contacting your provider or lab to inquire about storing before mailing on Monday.


There are no refunds for improper storage or mailing issues.

Questions? Call 970-403-5251

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