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20 minute complimentary video session to learn more about Integrated Spectrum of Health Functional Medicine Practice

Sex Education Coalition of the Southwest

What are the gaps in sex education in Southwest Colorado? We want to hear from you! Take the survey.

Seven Systems of Health™

Seven Systems of Health™
Colorful framework connecting food, emotions, thoughts, movement, eating, sleep and Connection to support healing. Each system correlates with anatomy, physiology, core issues, lifestyle and food.

ISH Youtube Channel

Check out my youtube channel. A collection of interviews with healthcare practitioners and healers. Beautiful conversations illuminating their gifts! It takes a team to support Whole Health!

ISH Community Newsletter

Hello Friends,
I hope this finds you Happy and Nourished!
Summer went by so quickly, we had a full vibrant summer...........

Genderbread Person

A simplified way to begin to understand the complexities of Gender Identity, Expression and Sex assigned at birth.

Is Functional Medicine right for you?

Explore if functional medicine is right for you!

ISH Community Membership

Includes access to all On Demand Courses, Weekly Community Connection Group Visits and 10% discount on medical grade nutraceuticals

ISH Sound Bites

Quick short videos for health tips, visualizations for health, mini mindful resets

ISH OnDemand School

Healing is best sustained when you learn and understand your body and the WHY behind dis-ease and how to achieve elevated health.

Miss Beth and Spotty Scotty

Meet Miss Beth and Spotty Scotty for kid in ALL of us! Short sweet mindful movement and JOY evoking videos!

Phytonutrient Spectrum Check list

Track your daily color intake and improve your health and JOY!

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Take a Tour of ISH Membership Practice

Is working with a Functional Medicine practitioner right for you?

Create Your Spectrum of Health Vision Statement

The most important vision statement you will create is the one with YOU at the center.

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

Assessment of your current health status and my Top Health Tips to elevate your life.

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