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Advanced Functional Lab Testing

I partner with quality lab companies and Rupa Health to offer specialty lab testing at wholesale costs to my Integrated Spectrum of Health Members.  As we work together to optimize your health and uncover root causes of chronic illness we often times need to explore the body and (dys) function through advanced functional lab testing.  Labs I partner with at Integrated Spectrum of Health.  

  • Hormone Testing -- ZRT Lab or Precision Analytical 

  • Stool Testing -- Diagnostic Solutions, Doctors Data, Genova Dx, Trio-smart

  • Organic Acid Testing --Great Plains

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My intention at Integrated Spectrum of Health is to continually grow and improve my offerings.  Your feedback supports that growth!  Please take a moment and share your experiences.

Welcome Members!

I am honored to partner with you to optimize your health.  ISH Functional Medicine Membership offers personalized care, community connection, education and empowerment to achieve your health and wellness goals.  Here's to health transformation and living your life on purpose!

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At Integrated Spectrum of Health,

I am committed to inclusivity; providing integrative health care to all races, black, indigenous people of color, genders, social, economic and ability status. Health disparities among marginalized groups are grave examples of health inequity leading to unthinkable suffering and health outcomes. Affordable and accessible healthcare is a human right.

Medical Symptom Questionairre

Assessment of Current Health Status


Lynn Joselyn



Kimberly Leonard



Hailey Voss



Laina Eskin

Certified Inner Matrix Systems Trainer

What is Medical Membership?

Is working with a Functional Medicine practitioner right for you?

ISH Health Tips & Freebies

Get the whole spectrum of health tips & freebies!

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

Assessment of your current health & my Top Health Tips

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

Assessment of current health status.

Jessica Bruno, MS

Functional Nutritionist

Nutritional Coaching with Jessica is included in Premier and Foundation membership tiers. 



  • Understand how food affects your whole being and has the power to regenerate the new you

  • Realize how nutrition and personal growth are related; you can’t look at one without the other

  • Receive recommendations for natural supplementation

  • Learn more about how stress can effect your physical and mental being

  • Understand that we’re not just hungry for and nourished by food; we need love, movement, stability, adventure, a higher purpose, and self-expression in our lives to thrive.

  • Acknowledgment that no one diet or lifestyle works for everyone.

Laina Eskin

Inner Matrix Systems


We’re delighted to invite you to a session with Laina Eskin, a certified trainer with Inner Matrix Systems (IMS)!

The stress, fear and anxiety you feel with your body is working against you. In this meeting with certified Inner Matrix Systems Trainer, Laina Eskin, you will learn how to own freedom and joy with the body starting today, and every day of your wellness journey. She will explain the connection between stress, emotions and health and how certain emotional states can reduce the body's ability to heal. Other emotions support your body to experience vibrant wellness and heal. As you learn to optimize your emotional health, you will be able to achieve results in the physical body faster, which will support you to live the life that is there waiting for you to live!

IMS supports people to eliminate stress with simple tools and techniques to align their mind, emotions and nervous system with the results they want to create. 

Hailey Voss

Administrative Assistant


I have been lucky enough to work with Lynn – starting all the way from the very beginning of Integrated Spectrum of Health. I have a passion for graphic design, which is where working with Lynn began. After graduating from college, Lynn brought me on as her virtual assistant to help keep up with the growing practice. I am so thrilled to see how much ISH has grown and to have the opportunity of becoming more involved with all of the members.

As I transition into my role as an administrative assistant, you can expect to get emails and calls from me about appointments, forms, etc. I am excited to be here and I look forward to getting to know you all better.

Image by Natalie Kinnear

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