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At Integrated Spectrum of Health,

I am committed to inclusivity; providing integrative health care to all races, black, indigenous people of color, genders, social, economic and ability status. Health disparities among marginalized groups are grave examples of health inequity leading to unthinkable suffering and health outcomes. Affordable and accessible healthcare is a human right.

Medical Symptom Questionairre

Assessment of Current

Health Status

Membership is a model that allows for constant support during your healing process.  It allows us to collaborate and partner in your health with clear expectations, working towards the goal of sustained healing.  The time for comprehensive visits and education is built into the foundation of Membership.  In addition to comprehensive visits you will have access to discounted supplements, wholesale functional lab testing, weekly community conversations and a growing library of On-Demand education courses to keep you on your path. 

An integral part of healing is community. Weekly Community Connection gatherings will begin with a presentation on topics that support sustainable healing, such as tips on sleep, food, stress, self-care and cultivating joy.  At times, I will invite guest speakers, ancillary healers and practitioners to share their gifts.  Following the presentation we will have a conversation; a time for you to ask questions, share tips with one another and build community.  Community cultivates joy, connection and an opportunity to up-level your health!  

To be eligible for Premier or Foundation you must be a Colorado resident. Community Membership is available to residents of any state in the US. I purposefully keep my medical practice small, so I can provide comprehensive care. I invite select patients into my Membership program who are committed to change and growth. This is why I require all those interested in my medical services to start with a 20-minute Complimentary Discovery Call to see if partnering together is a good fit. 

Why partner with a functional medicine practitioner?

If you answer yes to the following questions Functional Medicine may be right for you. 

Have you been told "everything is normal" from multiple practitioners, yet you still feel unwell ?

Have you tried "everything" eating healthy, exercise, sleep hacks and still feel like something is missing ?

Are you ready to take action and invest in your self care because you believe it is a foundational part of your healing?

Are you open to learning new ways of thinking and practicing new behaviors ?

Are you open to learning to trust yourself and your body's innate wisdom to heal ?

Functional Medicine

  • Provides comprehensive care through a detailed history, exam and personalized treatment plan.

  • Restores health from a cellular level by addressing illness from the root cause, the WHY behind your current health status.

  • Provides an opportunity for sustained healing by creating a space for participatory care. An invitation to take an active role in your healing process, by optimizing foundational lifestyle practices including nutrition, sleep, movement, relationships and stress.

The best outcomes happen when you are committed to making health choices that support healing.  Functional Medicine is not a quick fix approach, to get better fast. It takes years for dysfunction in the body to manifest as disease, therefore it takes time to heal and bring your body back to optimal function.

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Is working with a Functional Medicine practitioner right for you?

Create Your Spectrum of Health Vision Statement

The most important vision statement you will create is the one with YOU at the center.

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

Assessment of your current health status and my Top Health Tips to elevate your life.

Premier Membership

MSQ >70

Ideal for patients with complex medical history and multiple symptoms

Comprehensive initial visit in person 90 minutes

2 x 45 minute private visits per month with Lynn 

Consult with functional nutritional coach

Weekly coaching in community group visits

Video Lab Interpretation

Unlimited Access To On Demand Courses

Collaboration with PCP and other Health Team

Portal Messaging Directly with Lynn Joselyn

30% Discount on Additional Visits if Needed

Personalized Supplement Recommendations

Functional Lab Testing at Wholesale Cost

Discount on Medical Grade Nutraceuticals

Weekly Member ONLY Email Heath Tips

3 Month Membership Committment Requested

Foundation Membership

MSQ 30-70

Ideal for patients feeling generally unwell and those ready to elevate their health