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Functional Lab Package

Empowering Your Health Journey

Embark on a transformative health journey with our comprehensive Functional Lab Package tailored to address your unique needs and aspirations. Our functional lab package is designed to provide insights into your health status, empower you with personalized strategies, and guide you towards achieving your wellness goals.

Begin your journey with a thorough assessment session aimed at understanding your health goals, exploring family history risk factors, and crafting a personalized roadmap for your wellness journey. During this visit, you will also receive a customized lab order tailored to your specific needs.

60-Minute Initial Visit

Unlock vital insights into your health with a comprehensive lab panel, consisting of 45 + biomarkers meticulously selected to evaluate metabolic function, kidney function, liver function, thyroid health, and iron studies. Valued at $1500, this comprehensive panel is included in the price of the functional lab package.

Comprehensive Lab Panel

Gain deeper comprehension of your lab results through our informative video interpretation, provided prior to your follow-up appointment with our expert, Lynn. This preparatory resource empowers you to understand your labs thoroughly and formulate insightful questions for your follow-up session.

Video Lab Interpretation

Collaborate with Lynn in a personalized follow-up visit. Together, you'll create a strategic roadmap tailored to your unique health profile, integrating lifestyle interventions and targeted supplement recommendations based on your labs and personal history.

60-Minute Follow-Up Session

Receive a meticulously curated food guide tailored to your individual lab results and health risks. This resource serves as a practical tool to support optimal nutrition and enhance your overall well-being.

Comprehensive Food Guide

Benefit from personalized supplement recommendations derived from your lab insights and family history, providing targeted support for your specific health needs.

5 Targeted Supplement Recommendations

Unlock the opportunity to continue your wellness journey by joining our membership program at a discounted rate, gaining access to ongoing support, resources, and exclusive benefits.

Membership Opportunity

What's Included?

Take charge of your well-being today

Empowerment, insights, and transformation await.

Functional Lab Package

Functional Lab Package

Functional Lab Package

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