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Food Color and Beyond


Dr. Deanna Minich™

Food & Spirit, Functional Nutrition, Artist and Researcher

Durango Farmers Market

Local Farmers Market

Food Fix

how our food and agriculture policies are corrupted by money and lobbies that drive our biggest global crises: the spread of obesity and food-related chronic disease, climate change, poverty, violence, educational achievement gaps, and more

Food and Spirit™

Seven Systems of Health

Green Kitchen Stories

Plant Based Nourishment, Kid friendly and approved!

My New Roots

Holistic Nutritionist Sarah Britton, Whole Foods Plant Based Nutrition, Beautiful, Nourishing and Inspiring!

Nom Nom Paleo

Asian inspired Paleo recipes and more!

What is Medical Membership?

Is working with a Functional Medicine practitioner right for you?

ISH Health Tips & Freebies

Get the whole spectrum of health tips & freebies!

Medical Symptom Questionnaire

Assessment of your current health & my Top Health Tips

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