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July 2024

July Highlights from ISH

How are you doing in each of these categories?
What 1-2 things can you amplify to up level your health and life?
Sun (Light)

June 2024

ISH Summer Health News

Hello Summer!
Shapeshifting more PEP, Playful Expansive Pleasure, into your moments.
What is pleasure?
What is the neurobiology of pleasure?
What is the pleasure / pain relationship?
And why neuro-chemically do we need both?
What is the role of dopamine and pleasure?

March 2024

March Highlights from ISH Membership

Spring is alive, energetic, vibrant and at times "windy". My body systems, energy, mind and needs align with the natural world. When I take time to notice, I am always astounded that the questions, answers and truths are right there in the natural world, ready for me when I settle, notice and trust.

Thank you March winds 💨 for the reminder.

February 2024

February Highlights from ISH

Each of us brings a different set of experiences, life and health events to each moment. The power in choice is profound! Keep things light, all choices are information, even the "bad" choices provide opportunity! The choice to course correct or pivot is ALL WAYS available to us!

Where can you simplify?

What are you doing that is unnecessary?

Taking inventory of your "doing" is an important piece of healing AND thriving. Cognitive load (relates to the amount of information that working memory can hold at one time) is REAL. All the things you are carrying in your memory take up space.

January 2024

January Highlights from ISH

Health is not only about eating nutritious foods and moving our bodies. It’s also about self-curiosity and mastery on other levels, including our minds.

Beliefs → influence thoughts → influence behaviors → influence results.

The power of thought has profound effects on health outcomes. Visualization (seeing, feeling and sensing yourself in a new way) is one way to practice this, by visualizing yourself realizing the change you want to create you are creating neural pathways to move you in the direction of your desired change. Athletes have been doing this with success for years.

December 2023

December Highlights from ISH

The holiday season is in full swing, and with it often comes a good dose of stress. In December ISH news, enjoy some tips and learnings to support you and your response to stress as you move through your day and this holiday season.

I’ve gathered some of my top tips for breaking the cycle of stress as well as some health news and insights to keep you motivated and feeling your best.

I believe we ALL are capable of choosing EASE even if things feel chaotic in your life. EASE is a way of being, a sensation and for me an ongoing practice.

November 2023

November Highlights from ISH

I find that during busy, stressful times, such as the upcoming holiday season, pausing to anchor myself to 2-3 things that are important and will keep me on track and letting the rest of the "shoulds" go is a great way to practice the BOTH AND. As you read though November News grab 2-3 anchors to support you to move through the holidays with EASE and JOY.

Speaking of the holidays, Tis the season....... with family/friend gatherings, sugar, disrupted routines and stress—can take a toll on our immune systems a bit more than at other times of year!

So I’ve gathered some of my top tips for immune support as well as some health news and insights to keep you motivated and feeling your best this time of year.

July 2023

ISH Community News! July

For me this year has been filled with travel (Miami, Florida Keys, Backcountry hut trip CO, Mexico, St Louis, Egypt, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone and Big Sky MT.) I am pretty sure I mentioned something about travel in my 2023 intentions 🤣 and then I just kept saying yes! It felt a bit stretchy for me because anyone who knows me, knows I can camp out at home for days on end and be perfectly content.

Breathing is autonomic, how you breath is up to you.
Learn a bit about breath and your autonomic nervous system.
Learn simple breathing techniques to support health

Tap into your Root System of Health by embodying the
peaceful power of the bison
Strength ♥️ Structure ♥️ Stability

December 2022

ISH Winter News 2022, its a wrap!

Well, we find ourselves at the end of 2022!
How did this happen, we ask?
Time is continuous, constant and a common denominator we all share and yet it is often something we continually talk about "not having enough of", "how to get more done in less time", "time is, moving fast or slow". I do believe that through mindset we can "bend time", by how we perceive time. What time lens are you looking through, scarcity or abundance? Of course this for me is a continual practice, often moment to moment shift from old patterning of scarcity to abundance.
As 2020 comes to a close, I am reflective of how I have spent my time (even that phrase is one of scarcity), let me rephrase, how I have embraced time over the past year. Personal and professional growth has been immense!

Holiday mocktails, bending time and looking ahead to the theme of 2023 - INTEGRATION on the path to WHOLENESS.

Fall 2022

Whole Spectrum Elevation

Summer went by so quickly, we had a full vibrant summer. I turned a year older, Charles, my husband and I celebrated 28 years, WOW! Our girls paddled far and wide in Northern Canada. We enjoyed travel, time with family, work and play. And oh so many dog walks!

I am full of gratitude.

I am happy to be offering a Newsletter to my community, I hope you find some nuggets to support you on your life journey.

I am thrilled to be sharing something near and dear to my heart. In September I am offering a Community Course, Whole Spectrum Elevation, a Walk Through the Seven Systems of Health™ and Whole Detox™ created by my teacher and mentor Dr Deanna Minich.

March 2022

Spring Free

I blinked and March was coming to a close!

Spring fresh beginning 💚
Dark cool earth green sprouts peeking 🌱
Joy is in the air 🌈

In this news letter I share with you some of my quick, easy, go to snacks! I hope you enjoy.

As you read this, pause and breathe, feel the aliveness of your brilliant body. It is working tirelessly for you! Have grace and gratitude for the amazing YOU!

February 2022

Community and YOU

Hello Friends,

February is a transitional month, between winter and spring. In Colorado, snow one day and 60 degrees the next! I am getting antsy to get my hands in the dirt and plant some veggies but that is a bit risky this time of year! In this month before the spring equinox, you may feel energized or still needing a bit more wintering and quiet. Listen to your needs and take time to honor your personal energy especially during this transitional time.

I have been reflecting a-lot about community lately. How community supports healing. How to integrate community into ISH Membership. How to support people feeling isolated. The importance of community in healing.

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