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  • Can Lynn at Integrated Spectrum of Health be designated as your Primary Care Provider (PCP)?
    No. At Integrated Spectrum of Health, I provide functional and integrative care as a consultant, to support healing and wellness. We will work together in collaboration to create a treatment plan that will support you in reaching your health goals. My role does not take the place of your Primary Care Provider, who will manage recommended screening tests such, as but not limited to; colon, cervical, breast cancer screenings, acute care visits and immediate needs that may require emergency care or hospitalization. As a consultant, I will not provide acute, same day appointments that may require immediate assistance and hospitalization. Through a functional integrative approach our work together will compliment visits with your PCP. I believe a personalized care team consisting of different practitioners each offering their healing gifts to support you along your path to optimal health is critical and often what is missing in conventional medicine alone. I require that all people joining Integrated Spectrum of Health maintain a relationship with their PCP.
  • Is Integrated Spectrum of Health a good fit for you?
    This question is answered by reflecting on the following questions for your own personal health. Are you ready to work in collaboration with me to gain optimal health and wellness? Are you tired of being sick and tired and feeling alone in your health journey, lost in the overwhelm of information overload and tired of trying the next diet from the internet? Are you committed to change, ready to choose into health through your daily lifestyle practices? Are you ready to make a time commitment to YOU and your health? At Integrated Spectrum of Health I will be a partner in your health, who will work with you to support your body’s innate healing ability through an extensive history, implementation of personalized lifestyle foundational practices, advanced functional laboratory testing and personalized nutriceuticals. My goal is to support you in sustainable healing by continually asking why and digging deeper to find the root cause of your symptoms and current picture of health. This type of healing is a commitment to yourself and to thriving instead of just surviving. This type of healing takes time, this is not a quick fix, feel better for the short term type of healing. When choosing to work with me, a commitment of 3-6 months is the best way to make sustainable change and begin to live in optimal health, your birthright.
  • Scheduling and Cancellations
    At Integrated Spectrum of Health, I realize time is of the essence for us all and that life happens! Please if you need to cancel or reschedule notify me through email, phone, or a message on the patient portal 24 hrs prior to your scheduled appointment.
  • Do you accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare?"
    At Integrated Spectrum of Health, we do not accept insurance, Medicaid or Medicare. Why? The current insurance model does not support the deep healing work we will do together. Working together without the constraints of insurance allows us to spend more time together creating your path to optimal health and wellbeing. All prices at Integrated Spectrum of Health are transparent, no hidden costs. Many patients use their flex plan or HSA account to pay for services with me. I will provide a properly coded ICD-10 visit worksheet and itemized bill so you can submit this for reimbursement.
  • What is Functional Medicine?
    Functional medicine determines HOW and WHY a disease develops and attempts to restore health by addressing the ROOT CAUSES for each individual. I start by viewing your medical history and symptoms through a slightly different lens than your conventional practitioner. Getting a picture of your health story from its beginning, yes, from infancy; I am able to see the big picture and the events that have led you to where you are at this point. We will create a timeline of your health. I will organize your health story using the Functional Matrix The matrix allows me to identify key areas of dysfunction and imbalance that can be corrected. In conventional medicine the goal is to find a diagnosis and begin treatment through medications and rehabilitative modalities. In Functional medicine, we do not stop at the diagnosis, this is often where the deeper dive begins; with the question, WHY are you having particular symptoms? Functional Medicine begins upstream before your symptoms began to look for causes and to diminish inflammatory influences in your body that create disease. My goal is simple: improve quality of life, diminish prescription burden, and teach you what you need to do to remain as healthy as possible.
  • What is Food and Spirit™?
    Food and Spirit™ brings Joy, Color and Vitality to our healing connection. As a Certified Food and Spirit Practitioner™ I will integrate the Seven Systems of Health, an integrated science-based approach to healing created by Dr Deanna Minich. This is a full spectrum approach to health that meets people just where they are along their personal healing journey. Looking at health and wellness through the lens of the Seven Systems brings a depth to healing that conventional methods alone are able to obtain. Since learning this method and integrating it into my life, I now see the world through color and the seven systems, elevating the vibrancy of life and health. This brings beauty, depth and joy to healing.
  • Do I need supplements?
    Part of our work together is to determine what supplements/nutraceuticals will best support your healing process. I believe in food first and getting most vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients from whole food sources. That being said oftentimes in the early stages in healing, you may need more nutraceuticals initially to boost healing. Healing your gut lining is critical in all the work we will do together, as this is often where inflammation and disease begins. Many people require temporary (or long term) supplementation based on their unique genetic limitations, digestion inefficiencies, or micronutrient deficiencies. We will work together to determine your personalized needs, with the goal being as your body heals and comes into alignment, you will need less supplementation. This will be an ongoing conversation and fine tuning your needs. I'll provide you access to prescription quality supplements through my dispensary where I have personally vetted companies that show the highest purity and 3rd party quality certification. Since you are ordering them from my recommended prescription service, you will get discounted pricing from MRSP. However, you should still budget $200-300 for the cost of supplements during the first few months of recovery.
  • What is Membership?
    The human body is a very complex system living in a complex environment! Our symptoms and illness do not appear overnight and thus do not get better overnight! In our modern day quick fix, instant gratification and bite sized information world we often forget that true healing takes time. Don’t get me wrong, I completely understand when you feel so ill, have depleted energy, brain fog and chronic pain, the thought of waiting another minute is overwhelming. The good news is that you will no longer be “waiting” but instead taking an active role in your path to optimal wellness. Membership is a model that allows for constant support during your healing journey. It allows us to collaborate and partner in your health with clear expectations and create a partnership with the goal of sustained healing. The time for comprehensive visits and education is built into the foundation of Membership. In addition to comprehensive visits you will have access to discounted supplements and functional lab testing, weekly community conversations and a growing library of online education courses to keep you on your path. Membership as an investment in your health, an opportunity to take an active role in your healing and will honor your body’s innate ability to heal in its own time. Because I understand that 1 or even 2 visits is not enough to address the complexity of the human body struggling with dis-ease, I require a minimum of 3 month Membership to get started.
  • I am ready, how do I get started?"
    Excited to start?! Fantastic! Motivation is essential for success in any integrative treatment plan. The alchemy and success comes from our ability to partner together. My style of teaching and delivery of medical care may not be a good fit for some people, let’s find out if it is right for YOU. Please schedule a 20 min Discovery call and let's chat further and determine if the time is right! This Zoom session is COMPLIMENTARY!
  • Do I need to be a Colorado resident to join membership?
    No. You do not need to be a resident or live in Colorado join membership. As long as you are willing to travel to my office for your visits, you can be a member.
  • How long does it take for my lab results to come back?
    Lab results typically come back within 2-3 weeks.
  • Do I need to schedule an appointment with LabCorp to get my labs drawn?
    You are not required to make an appointment to get your labs drawn at LabCorp in Durango. However, there is an option to make an appointment. To see more information about the Durango LabCorp location, such as their hours and location, please see their website.
  • How long does the functional lab package take, from start to finish?
    Around 4-5 weeks.
  • Should I fast before having my labs drawn?
    Yes. You should fast before having your labs drawn.
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